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Welcome to Total Comfort Dog Beds!

Built for dog lovers to quickly and easily browse, research, and learn about hundreds of dog beds and accessories; helping you to keep your furry friends Comfortable, Safe, and Happy All The Time, Everywhere! 

I'm Larry, and this is my good buddy, Buddy.

Our Story

I'm a dog lover. I've had dogs my whole life and some people say I "connect" with dogs; my own dogs, other people's dogs, dogs in shelters, even stray dogs. They like me and I like them. I like having them around and taking care of 'em. My dogs have always been well cared for… some might say "spoiled", but, whatever :)

Anyway, I was really disappointed when I went looking for a dog bed for Buddy. He's getting along in years and he's having some joint issues and he needed a new bed. His bed has to be "just right". He used to sleep on our bed where he was VERY comfortable, but he just can't make that climb anymore. He needed a supportive bed without those hot spots that can make joint pain even worse. I know that's gotta hurt! He needed an orthopedic bed to cushion his joints and relieve that pressure.

But have you shopped for a dog bed lately? There are so many sellers and so many different stores, each pushing a very small selection! It's so frustrating to have to visit twenty different stores (or websites) to find the right one! How do you decide? Who do you trust? Some sellers are less than honest (I'm trying to keep it clean here) and others want so much $$$ that you'll need a 2nd mortgage! Then which bed do you pick? By size? By weight? By material?

They definitely don't make it easy to find the best bed and the best value.


Here at Total Comfort Dog Beds, we're building a HUGE selection of top-quality dog beds so you'll find the perfect one right here in one place! All of our partners are reputable manufacturers, mostly based in the USA and Canada, who use eco-friendly materials and processes to build thoughtful, well-designed, high-quality dog beds!

Now, that's all great, of course, but we know what the number one priority really is for your fur-baby (and it's in our name); Comfort. So we make sure that our hand-picked selection of designs and materials virtually guarantees that your fur-baby will enjoy an amazing night's sleep and a cozy place to relax throughout the day! Oh, and it will look great too!

Your Peace-of-Mind

We continually research and review dog bed manufacturers around the country to bring you the finest selection of dog beds available. We work only with partners who deliver real value and quality. All our partners fully guarantee their product.

You could spend hours searching for the right dog bed from a multitude of companies and never find one that you love.

Don't settle for less! We save you time and money by taking that burden off your shoulders!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our partners stand behind their products and we stand behind our partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; we want to be your go-to place when you're looking for great dog beds and pet products!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your trust!