Your Fur-Baby May Need A Dog Ramp For Bed Time

If you have pets at home, especially dogs, then you may have a dog that likes to sleep on your bed. Should you let your dog sleep on the bed? Should you forbid your dog sleeping on the bed? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Is it safe or risky? The long-standing debate remains undecided, until now; Here, at last, is the absolute final truth of the matter.

 It doesn't matter!

That's right. There are pro's and con's to sleeping with your fur-baby in the same bed, and after much analysis conducted by experts and pet lovers alike, it's basically a wash. If you have no health conditions and you like sleeping with your dog in bed (as I do), then go for it! There's no scientific reason not to. If you don't want your dog sleeping in bed with you, then stick with that! Either way works.

The only factors you should consider are: How does it make you feel? …and… How does it make Fido feel? You should both sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

If your dog picked your bed as one of his favorite sleeping spots, then the chances are that he loves it there. It makes him feel safe, secure and loved. If he prefers his dog bed, then that's ok, too.

But what if he wants to sleep on your bed, but he's too small or too old to jump up there? That's when a dog ramp could be the answer you need! There are many dog ramps available that might fit your bed perfectly. Search online for 'dog ramp,' 'dog stairs,' or 'dog steps,' and you will find many different designs that may work for you.

But, even with that vast selection, you may not find the one you need. If that's the case, you can make your own DIY dog ramp with a few simple tools. You can find some excellent plans online to show you all of the nitty-gritty details and step-by-step instructions.

The most important thing to watch for is that your dog will use the ramp. Many ramps can help get your dog in bed with you, but only if he'll use it. I have a store-bought ramp, and a homemade one, and my dog won't use either one! The store-bought one is too short, so it's too steep to climb up, and the homemade one is like dog stairs, but I think it's too narrow. I'm going to build a wider one and see how that works.

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