Why Do Dogs Need A Dog Bed?

Ask Yourself, "Why Do I Need A Bed?" The Answers Are (Almost) The Same! Have you also noticed how your fur-baby is always taking naps pretty much all day? Well, that's perfectly natural for a dog. They spend a lot of time sleeping on the grass, carpet, floor, concrete, rocks, and whatever other surfaces there are available. Did you know that lying on these surfaces is harmful to her joints (and the rest of her body)? She won't get the support that she needs, and, over time, she may develop digestive or other internal issues. Hard surfaces also contribute to joint pain and, eventually, permanent joint damage. Her sleep is not genuinely restful or satisfying. And as we all know, sleep deprivation leads to lethargy, depression, and anxiety.

Our furry friend depends on us to protect her from all of these physical and mental hazards. We want her to feel secure, comfortable, safe, healthy, and happy, and a good dog bed can provide all those things.

If Sheba is an older dog, then an orthopedic dog bed may be in order. These dog beds are designed with memory foam to better conform to a dogs' unique body shape. This material provides even support with no 'hot spots' to help relieve joint pain and discomfort. If she's an outside dog, then an outdoor dog bed can fit the bill! For an outside dog, you may want a raised dog bed to keep Sheba off of the cold, hard ground while she snoozes. Colder climates may even require a heated dog bed to keep her warm. Is Sheba just a puppy? In that case, you might need a chew proof dog bed, so it stays in one piece! The point here is that there is a dog bed that's perfect for every situation.

You may be asking yourself, "What are the best dog beds?" Well, I have good news; the best dog beds are the ones that your fur-baby likes the most! You don't need a luxury dog bed if she loves sleeping on a basic dog bed, and I bet she will!

A soft, comfortable dog bed ensures that she'll sleep soundly while promoting a healthy body and attitude. She will enjoy her nap-time and will awaken relaxed, refreshed, and pain-free, just like we like to do! One decidedly canine benefit is that she'll see her bed as 'her own domain' like it's her den. A burrow dog bed can enhance the 'den' feeling because she can dig into it and hide. Sleeping in her own den will satisfy her animal instincts which again, will give her a better attitude and demeanor.

And an excellent benefit for you is that you can clean her bed by throwing it in the wash, which is way easier than cleaning all of your furniture with a lint roller!

But wait, there's more! What if you like to have your fur-baby cuddle up on your bed at night? Then maybe all you need are some dog steps so Sheba can climb up there more easily! There is a spirited debate about the pros and cons of a dog sleeping in bed with you, but we'll save that for another article. Either way, your pooch will have a comfortable and safe place to relax and get a good night's sleep!

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