Training A Dog: The Basics

You Can Do It 

Some dog training can be done at home, especially with puppies. "Sit" and "Stay" are basic commands that you can teach your furry friend on your own. One benefit of doing this training yourself is that they will trust you and see you as the leader of the pack. They'll look forward to spending these times with you for fun and guidance. 

This article shows you how to train a dog to sit and to stay. You may want to teach her some cool dog tricks too, but she'll need to master the basics first. You will use them often as you go about your day, and your pooch will follow your instructions naturally. 

Dogs (especially puppies) need structure and leadership, and your dog training efforts will pay off for years to come. These commands teach your pup to be patient and polite instead of getting in the way. They can even help keep her in her dog bed when it's bedtime. Following these commands will also keep her safe when she's in a hazardous environment. When you're working in the kitchen or the garage, for example, you'll want Pixie to stay out of the way, so she's not injured (and neither are you). When you tell her what to do, your fur-baby will happily obey! 


training a puppy

Keep It Positive For Puppy  

  • We'll use the "lure-reward" method in these sessions. You may use a 'treat' or just her regular food if she responds to it.
  • Work in an enclosed area to help keep your dog focused. Fewer distractions mean she'll pay closer attention to you.
  • Keep your training sessions short. Dogs have a short attention span and tend to lose interest if things take too long.
  • Be generous with praise. Give lots of love (even if she didn't get it right). "We'll get this, let's try again!", "Keep trying. You're so smart!" and other upbeat, positive feedback will go a long way to keeping your fur-baby focused and happy. They won't understand the words, but they'll understand the tone of voice!
  • End on a positive note. Dogs will respond better when they remember these sessions as a fun, playful time.

How To Teach A Dog To Sit 

  • You want to be at eye-level with your dog, so kneel down or squat to look her in the eyes. Make sure you have her attention, and then hold the reward just out of reach and above her snout.
  • Slowly move the treat up and back, so she has to look up and sit down to keep the reward in view. When her rump touches the floor, praise her with the same phrase every time, like "great sit!" and then give her the reward. Follow that with lots of love and more praise.
  • After a few successes, add a hand-signal when you give the command, like pointing to the floor, for example.
  • Over time, you can reduce the treats until they're no longer necessary. But don't stop with the praise and love! 

How To Teach A Dog To Stay 

  • "Stay" is a natural command to follow the "Sit" command. The goal is to extend the time that your dog "Sits."
  • Start with the "Sit" command, including giving the reward. This will start the session on a positive note, and your dog will be receptive to your instructions.
  • Have your dog sit again, but this time, follow the "Sit" command with the "Stay" command and show her a new hand signal, like hold up your hand like a traffic cop.
  • Hold on to the treat for a few seconds longer before giving it to her. Praise her with a new phrase like "great stay!"
  • Extend the time that you hold the treat in tiny increments, just a few seconds, until Pixie stays put for a minute or so. As before, the treats can be reduced over time. 

training a puppy


It's important to end on a positive note so Pixie will look forward to these times. Give her some love and then allow her to relax and do her own thing. 

Traveling with your fur-baby will also be easier, safer, and more enjoyable with these basic commands!

You are now the Leader Of The Pack! Take control right away to ensure a happy and enjoyable future with your new fur-baby!

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