The Best Dog Parents Do This Every Night!


The best dog parents

Our fur-babies depend on us for virtually everything. They look to us for leadership, guidance, security, and sustenance. But they also look to us for love! When you ask yourself how to take care of a dog, don't forget the most important thing; your time! Dogs need attention and affection, just like a human, and they respond to it just like a human.

Don't let them down! Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes with them every day; walking, playing, or just cuddling after work or before bedtime. Sparky will love you for it, and it will make a tremendous difference in his attitude and behavior. If you're wondering how to stop a dog from barking too much, this could be the answer! A cozy dog blanket adds another layer of snuggly comfort! 

The simple act of showing him a few minutes of attention can prevent other behavior problems as well, like scratching, digging, whining, or howling. These are sometimes symptoms of fear or anxiety, so they can be reduced or eliminated by just looking into his eyes while you rub his belly!

But beware! If you make this a habit (and you should), then don't be surprised when Sparky starts getting all excited every time you come near him! Of course, that's what we love about our furry friends, isn't it? The way they see us as the most important thing in the world can be very gratifying! Not only are dogs "Mans' best friend," but people are "Dogs' best friend," too!

A happy dog is a joy to be around! Keep your fur-baby happy with the gift of your time and attention. That is the most important thing he will always need from you. Still, don't forget the basics, like a healthy diet, a warm place to lie down, and a few toys, or old shoes, to gnaw on, and Sparky will be as content as can be.


This time with your doggy is a perfect opportunity to check him over real good. Look for any changes in his eyes, ears, on his skin, or in his fur. Hard-to-see things, like a foxtail or a goat head sticker, can cause a painful wound if left unattended. Foxtails tend to dig deeper into a dog's skin over time and can become infected, so you'll want to catch it early! Check for critters too, especially if you live in an area where fleas and ticks are present. You may not know how to clip dog nails, but at least you'll see that it's time to have them done. Even something as ordinary as a scraped paw is more likely to be noticed if you snuggle and pet Sparky on the daily.


The attention you give your furry friend comes back to you many times over! You will improve his life and yours in many ways, and you'll both grow to cherish these times! You already know that playing with a dog can increase the amount of dopamine (the feel-good chemical) in humans, but did you know that it has the exact same effect on our fur-babies! Yep, it's true. Dogs that are feeling good are eager to learn and the easiest dogs to train. It's a win-win!

Keep your fur-baby safe and comfortable! A home with lots of playing, petting, and snuggling is a home full of love!

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