Protect That Puppy With A Dog Car Seat On Your Next Road Trip

Traveling with a dog can be ruff! 

Fortunately, there's plenty of great expertise to help you out! You already know that bringing Bandit along for the ride in a dog car seat will add a few steps to the whole operation. The obvious priorities are safety and comfort, so check this list to make sure you don't forget anything important! 

Dog Safety In The Car 

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These tips will keep puppy safe and comfortable while the vehicle is in motion. You don't want Bandit climbing around looking for something to eat or something to play with. 

  • Take food, water, and snacks. If you're like me, you want to get on the road as early as possible, which may not leave enough time for bandit to eat a proper breakfast, especially if he just woke up. Some travel dog beds include a handy storage pouch so you can take his regular food and water with you, but also take a few snacks to give him something to do on longer trips. Just drop him a treat (only one) and then give him a proper meal the next time you stop.
  • Take toys. Playful puppies will always find something to chew on. If it's not a toy or a snack, then it could be your luggage or even your car! If your furry friend has a favorite toy or two, then definitely bring those along!
  • Keep puppy restrained. For everybody's safety, bandit should be restrained inside the car as well as outside. A loose puppy inside the vehicle can be dangerous or even cause an accident if he gets under the driver's feet. To keep the driver's focus on the road, where it belongs, bandit needs to be as still and quiet as possible. A dog seat belt will ensure that he's safe and secure while also keeping him happy and comfortable for the whole ride. 

Dog Safety When You're Stopped 

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Keep puppy safe and keep your eye on him at rest stops and those unplanned potty breaks! 

  • Plan to stop more frequently. Your new fur-baby will need more stops for potty breaks, to walk off some energy, or just to stretch his legs! Be prepared to stop more often than usual, even between those 'official' rest areas.
  • Be prepared for puppy uh-ohs. Everybody loves the new puppy, but he's young and untrained, and he may have an 'accident' in between those frequent rest stops. Don't be shocked! Just be prepared with the proper cleaning supplies, such as water, towels, gloves, disinfectant spray, air freshener, etc. That way, you can clean up and get back on the road as quickly as possible. Maybe bring a couple of pee-pads along for good measure.
  • Keep your puppy leashed. Traveling with a puppy can be challenging! Somebody has to be 'in charge' of Bandit when he's not in the car. Keep Bandit restrained, so he doesn't run away while you're out in the middle of nowhere. An unleashed dog at a rest stop will be tempted to chase small animals, or he could even be picked up by another traveler. According to, over 2 million dogs are stolen each year, and only 10% are returned to their owners. A dog carrier can help keep Bandit close by your side at all times! 

Dog Safety At All Times 

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Keep Puppy safe at all times with these tips. 

  • Tag your new fur-baby. Make sure that if your new puppy does manage to run off, he can be easily identified by his ID tag and returned to you safely. The ID tag should have Bandit's name along with your phone number. Without an ID tag, he'll be their new puppy, and the kids will be devastated! Some pet stores and adoption centers can help get your puppy micro-chipped before you bring him home, which can also be a big help if he gets lost.
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car. We've all heard the stories about dogs left in cars, and they never end well. Please leave someone with Bandit or take him with you if everyone is getting out of the vehicle at the same time.

 Bottom Line

Dogs love spending time with their pack (that's you) and it can be done safely with some pre-planning. Dog lovers who take their fur-babies along have more fun, feel more complete, and make better memories! Give your fur-baby his own place in your car so he can enjoy the trip too!

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