How Many Dog Beds Does My Dog Need?

Is your dog sleeping on his bed sometimes and the floor or the furniture at other times? Then he may appreciate another bed. More dog beds mean more comfort for him and more love for you! As a general rule, you should have a dog bed for each room where the family might gather for a few hours. Dogs are pack animals, and your family is the pack, so he'll usually want to be close to you, or the spouse, or the kids, or other dogs in the family. With multiple beds, your dog(s) can find a comfortable spot to lie down anyplace that the rest of the pack gathers. 

If you're in the living room watching TV, for example, there should be a dog bed, or maybe a dog sofa, there. If you hang out by the pool or on the patio, then there should be an outdoor dog bed or a raised dog bed there as well. If your dog likes to sleep on your bed, but he's too old to jump onto the bed, then you also should get a dog bed for your bedroom. Or, you might decide to get a dog ramp to make it easier for him. 

Are you wondering how many dog beds you'll need now? Let your dog help you decide. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping, so it's essential to their comfort to have a bed anywhere that they might feel the need to plop down for a power-nap. Having multiple beds will especially help senior dogs. They provide several places where your dog can lie down and get some relief from joint pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other common conditions in older dogs. It's not necessary to fill your house with luxury dog beds! A few cozy, calming dog beds will do just fine! 

Besides, you don't want dog beds in every room. You probably don't want a dog sleeping in the laundry room or the upstairs bedrooms or in front of the bathroom door, for example. So, you may entice your fur-baby to give up sleeping in a bad spot like that for sleeping in a good spot, if there's a cozy bed nearby or in another room. 

It might also make sense to keep an extra dog bed handy for those times when the other dog beds are in the laundry. 

You could always just move his one bed around, but we're pretty sure that would get old, especially when you find your dog sleeping in the living room after you've moved his bed into your bedroom for the night! 

Make it easy on yourself and paradise for your fur-baby by providing a comfy spot for him to hang out with the pack, wherever you are!

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