Good News! More Rescue Dogs Are Getting Adopted During The Pandemic!

Dog Adoption Is On The Rise As Isolated Humans Crave Companionship!

A lousy year for humans has been a terrific year for dogs and dog pounds across the country!


As the coronavirus pandemic keeps people from going to work and also socially distant, more and more home-bound folks are turning to canine companionship for its proven benefits to health, happiness, and overall goodness!

Dog shelters are pleasantly surprised to see a significant increase in dog adoptions as well as foster care. "Shelter dogs are really winning in this entire coronavirus experience", Said one non-profit's director.

Many dog lovers are on the hunt for everything from adult and senior dogs to puppies for adoption or to foster until a forever home can be found. Helping a dog (and a dog shelter) in need is such a gratifying experience, it's sure to give you that warm fuzzy feeling that we all love so much! 

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, a rescue dog that's full-grown can instantly bring peace, calmness, and serenity into a home just by being there. They may have grown out of the rambunctious stage, and they probably won't jump up in your face to give you a big sloppy kiss, but they're so loveable and cuddly when you're just chillin' watching a movie! Grab their favorite dog blanket and snuggle up for a little while!

Now a rescue puppy is a whole different story! That playful little ball of fur will require a bit more (ok, a lot more) hands-on time to get her trained in her new home. But what a blast it is to romp about with a lively and loveable puppy, right? They have boundless energy and boundless love; all rolled up in a soft, furry little package! 

Either way, you know that they know that they've been rescued and that their future is safe, comfortable, and filled with lots of love. That wagging tail is a dead giveaway! And you'll know that your future includes the loving presence of a devoted fur-baby! 

If you have a favorite breed, you can find just what you're looking for with a simple Google search (for example: "dachshund rescue" or "German shepherd rescue"). For some reason, boxer puppies are also quite popular, but I'm more of a Labrador person! I would search for "Labrador rescue" if I didn't already have the best one :) 

Not sure what kind of dog is a good fit for you? There are dedicated sites online that will help you out by stepping through some simple questions and then listing the dogs that match your answers! is one such site, but there are several good ones out there. 

So here's the deal. Rescue dogs are in demand right now, and they're going fast. Act now to make sure you get the pick of the litter (see what I did there?) And a great dog bed will keep him happy and healthy when you bring him home!

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Happy Dog Hunting!

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