Don't Forget Your Raised Dog Bed When You Do This!

camping dogbeds

Because if you do, your fur-baby will be sleeping on the ground, with all the dirt, rocks, stickers, bugs, snakes, and scorpions! 

Of course, we're talking about taking Daisy, the family dog, camping with you into the great outdoors! Going camping is so much more than just 'getting away from it all,' especially for your fur-baby! Deep-down, dogs are still wild animals. Her ancestral wolf instincts have survived to this day, and every dog gets the urge to run free, explore, and hunt. Your family doggy is no different. Take her camping with you to feed that urge and bond with her on a whole new level! 

Most campgrounds are dog friendly, so your whole family is welcome, including Daisy! As in any camp, everybody needs a safe and comfortable place to bed down for the night, even the family dog. Whether you're sleeping on a beach, camping by a lake, or just sleeping in the back yard, you don't want to leave Daisy sleeping on the ground. At a minimum, you'll want to provide a dog bed of some kind. Ideally, that should be an elevated dog bed, so Daisy is not sleeping on the ground. 

When you come back from that hike, or that walk along the beach, she'll love to hop up onto her own bed where she's safe, clean, cool, and comfortable. You can rest easy, too, knowing that Daisy's safe and happy and that you've done your best to keep it that way. Her wagging tail is all the proof you need that she feels the love you all have for her! 

By sleeping a few inches off the ground, Daisy is protected from the hard, bumpy surface, which helps prevent joint pain. It also keeps her up and away from the critters and parasites that might be on the ground. Also, it helps her to regulate her body temperature by allowing airflow above and below her, for a deeper, more restful sleep. 

Some raised beds come with an umbrella-like cover so they can provide shade as well as protection from that unexpected rainstorm. The cover also helps the bed seem more like a 'den' for Daisy, further satisfying those deep-rooted wild instincts. That way, there's a family tent for you and a dog tent for Daisy! 

Perfect for sunbathing, napping, or just resting, a raised dog bed is a critical piece of camping equipment for your fur-baby!

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