A Dog Blanket And Love Is All You Need

Dog in a dog blanket

Your dog loves to snuggle, and you love to see her happy! A thick, cozy blanket is the perfect addition to your doggy supplies. Your fur-baby will see a dog blanket as her own private den, satisfying the wild instincts that she inherited from her wolf ancestors. For her, pushing, and scooting around on her blanket, is not really ‘snuggling’ so much as she’s ‘nesting.’ She’s arranging the soft, thick pet blanket the way she would with the leafy ground covering in the wild. If this nest happened to be inside a cave, well, all the better! That gives her a den that she can protect and defend. She will be genuinely happy in this dog den of her own.

Not only will she love her den, but she can take it with her on road trips too! Because this cozy blanket fits perfectly into her new all-in-one dog bed, dog carrier, and dog car seat. And you’ll love the matching colors and patterns! But wait! There’s more! The bed and blanket would be plenty to keep any pampered pup cozy and safe, but the included matching cushion adds even more comfort and snuggle-ability! For your convenience, the whole set is machine washable, durable, comfortable, and lightweight.

Pixie will sleep soundly and wake up fully rested in her den! She’ll enjoy the health benefits of sleeping well, and she’ll be less prone to dysplasia in her joints. You may notice a new bounce in her step and an overall ‘happier’ manner. Just like humans, dogs need their sleep, and a great dog blanket can make that sleep deeper and more relaxing.

As every dog parent knows, our fur-babies may decide to take a quick nap just about any time and any place. With her own den, she’ll likely prefer sleeping there rather than any place else, such as your favorite recliner or in front of the bathroom door. Sleeping or just hanging out in her den will also help to keep the rest of the house cleaner by keeping the toys, dog treats, and most of the dog hair in her dog den.

So you’ll enjoy a happier puppy and you get your furniture back! It’s a win-win situation!

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